Monday, June 16, 2014

For The Team

I'm sometimes amazed at the degree to which some sports fans take their enthusiasm. You've got your yellers. Your face painters. Your extra large foam fingers. Some fans are so dedicated they withstand extreme weather: rain, snow, blistering heat and freeze-your-toes-off cold are mere blips on the radar with these folks. They are unfazed. It's almost as if there is an unspoken ranking of fandom; the more adversity you endure the bigger fanatic you are.

Outward expression of these devotees is just the beginning. Batting averages, field goal percentages, handicaps, and player statistics flow easily off the tongue as if they were reciting their own birth date. It's typical water cooler talk, perhaps even dare I say, expected? Did you see that game over the weekend? How about that incredible play that team made? My team beat your team. Go team!

As moms our favorite team likely consists of players who aren't destined for the NBA, NFL, or PGA. But there we are, in our matching team t-shirt, wearing our giant button with the sweetest face. All of it proclaiming our loyalty to our little Johnny Football or Susie Soccer. We've got our game face on and a box of goldfish crackers to celebrate with. If only Little League had foam fingers.

How hard is it for us as Christians to have this much enthusiasm for God? Are we willing to go to the extreme for Him? What if the questions at the water cooler went like this:
  • Did you hear about that great thing God did for me over the weekend?
  • What about that incredible miracle God did?
  • My God (and yours) loves you.
  • Go God!

Heavenly Father,
Show me how to be a champion for you. Let me be bold in my exuberance for you. Help me to proclaim my love for you around others. Don't let me be sidelined by my own fears and reservations. I want to proudly share with others the blessings you have shown in my life. Open my eyes and my heart to those who need to hear you glorified. May my outward appearance reflect my loyalty to you, Lord. You deserve my praise, my adoration, and my worship. Give me the desire to study your word, God, so that I may learn all about you. Scripture reveals how your abilities surpass all others. When I feel defeated, show me all the ways you have overcome the enemy. Remind me that I cannot lose when I have you in my life. You are not only the coach but the star player and you make me better when I'm on your team.

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him - my father’s God, and I will exalt him!" - Exodus 15:2 (NLT)

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