Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Prayer: Precious Jewels

We are so pleased to introduce you to our friend Julie. Julie Evans Albracht has been wife to Cory Albracht for almost 14 years and is an amazing mother to almost 8 year old twin daughters. Julie lives in Colorado Springs and has a message of hope to wounded Christians in her blog Cushychristianity.com. Julie's blog is a refreshing look at today's Christians and their role as part of the Body of Christ.

Today we have asked Julie to share a prayer with us. We believe that as a mother you will be encouraged by Julie's honesty and humbleness as she asks the Lord's guidance in raising Godly children.

Our 7 year old daughters are continually exploring their relationship with God and what it means. They ask us many questions about God and His nature. One specific question they have asked recently is "Why did God put us on earth first if we are going to heaven eventually? Why don't we just go to heaven first?" Most of us probably have those days where we wish heaven were a present reality. Our very thoughtful response to this question also reminded us as parents why we are placed on earth at this time. We told them that not everyone will choose to serve God and go to heaven one day. God doesn't force us to serve Him, but gives us all a choice to make. God needs our help to show His love for others, so that they might join us in heaven for an eternity with our Lord.


I pray that you will give us wisdom with our children as we are your example to their tender hearts. I pray you would help us show them your nature is not a forceful one, but very gentle and loving. We pray that your Spirit would do what we can't. Help us to show them your love so that they will understand and it would radiate from their hearts to others. I pray that we would be your light with our lives, not just our words. Let us show our children that being here on earth is not about our comfort, but about You in everything we do. May you use our lives to bring others to know your goodness and free gift of eternal life. Thank you Lord, for the tremendous gift of our children. May we guard and guide their hearts like precious jewels.


Thank you so much Julie for that heartfelt prayer. You can follow Julie and her Cushy Christianity Blog on Facebook by clicking the link below.

Cushy Christianity Blog - Julie Evans Albracht

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