Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Our Hearts: Praying For Haiti Day Four

This week we are dedicating our blog to the people of Haiti. Among the heartache and devastation we are praying for those dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake. Join us as we lift up the Haitian people and the rescue workers.


Today we pray for the children of Haiti. What a confusing disruptive time this must be for them. Some have lost parents, siblings, family members, and friends. Their surroundings may be confusing and unfamiliar, as many homes are destroyed and their own 'home' looks different. Their precious lovey or blanket may be buried in the rubble and they feel all alone amidst the devastation that surrounds them.

Father, we pray for comfort for these children, for someone to wrap their arms around them, to hug them and help ease their fear. We pray for someone to wipe away the tears and read them a book or give them a toy to play with. We pray that they are fed, their medical needs are taken care of, and that they have shelter. We pray they may be reunited with missing family members. We just pray that among the chaos that these children be children.


"Then Jesus took the children in his arms and blessed them by placing his hands on him." Mark 10:16

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